Turkey’s most popular Iskender restaurant chain

Bursa Kebab House; was established in 2003 in order to enable its guests to easily access the traditional Turkish taste of Bursa Kebab in stylish restaurants with high quality, reasonable prices. Today, it provides service with 99 branches in 37 provinces in 5 countries in Turkey, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Iran and Azerbaijan.

With its record growth rate, BKE has managed to become Turkey’s most popular İskender restaurant chain today. It continues to grow with an investor-friendly approach without compromising on quality and taste. Offering the same service and quality in every restaurant, BKE brings the freshest, natural and delicious ingredients to its consumers in its elegant restaurants with an affordable price policy.

BKE, which is among the largest restaurant chains in the Turkish market with the number of branches and sales volume; aims to spread the traditional Turkish flavor to the whole world. It is proud of hosting more than 10 million guests every year with its more than 100 branches across Turkey, Europe and the Middle East. Bursa Kebab House was awarded the ITQI Superior Taste Award in 2016.


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